Providing Reality Based Education

We believe in effective teaching and learning method which provides life skill lessons for the students. 

About Us

Dakchayta International is an institution founded to deliver quality and reality based education. The institution is managed by the renowned academicians and entrepreneurs of high professional profile. Currently, Dakchyata has started +2 in Science, Management, Humanities and Law as well as Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) affiliated to TU. Located at the central place in Kathmandu, Dakchyata International School/College delivers life skills based education aligned with a series of training programs and a number of interesting extracurricular activities in sound conducive learning environment. The campus buildings of Dakchyata are built of standard infrastructures and systems. The internal settings entail advance physical, technological and academic facilities needed to support everyday curricula as well as extra-curricular events alongside.

Dakchyata is a school/college envisoned by renowned/acclaimed academic professionals and other Social activists/entrepreneurs who are adept with the socio-economic changes, technological and societal advancement and worldly changes

We are mainly concentrated on worldly happenings /scholarly changes/developments and are focused on producing future leaders

We are active academic leaders and at Dakchyata we try to make students learn valuable lessons from others success as well as from mistakes, our attempts are directed towards exciting students learning aptitude in the form of visiting lectures, regular informal meetings and internships

Dakchyata is situated at the heart of city i.e. Kalimati, Kathmandu. The prime location of the institution aids in easier availability of transportation for both near and far students. Landmarks around the college is remarkable so facilities outside college periphery is also easily available. 



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Our Salient Features

Reality Based Education

Entrepreneurship Focused Education

Courses are strictly based on NEB/TU curriculum

Efficient Management Team

Professional & Competent Teachers

Effective Teaching/Learning Method

Life Skill Lessons for the Students

Best Hotel Management Lab

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